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Of all the things we take for granted in life, one at the top of the list must surely be our feet for which we are offering our Routine Podiatry Services. Our Feet help us balance, walk, run, and propel us the equivalent of 5 times around the earth’s surface in an average lifetime.

Our routine podiatry services (formerly chiropody) is suitable for all; young and old, in fact you may be surprised to find out that 9 out of 10 people will have experienced problems with their feet before the age of 30, so podiatry is not just a service for older individuals. Think of our routine podiatry treatment as much the same as a routine check-up with your dentist, but of course for your feet. Our podiatrists are specialists in the areas of the foot, ankle, and lower limb complaints and have completed extensive training in these specific areas.

What foot conditions are typically treated in our Routine Podiatry Services?

  • Corns, callus, dry, hard, and cracked skin on all areas of the foot.
  • Painful, thick, yellow, in-growing, and fungal infected toenails.
  • Foot infections such as athletes’ foot, fungal infections verrucae, and warts.
  • All foot problems associated with diabetes.
  • Skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, and dermatitis.
  • Simple foot and postural pains.
  • At Pendle Chiropody Clinic we offer a comprehensive range of treatments, if you do not have any of the conditions listed above but do have foot and posture complaints, please look at our other services such as our biomechanical assessment as they may be more suitable to your needs.
Routine Podiatry Services
Routine Podiatry Services

What’s included in our Routine Podiatry Services?

  • An extensive foot health assessment.
  • A full review of medical history and medication.
  • Our HCPC Registered Podiatrists will take time to understand any concerns you may have about your feet.
  • Hard skin and corn will be gently removed, and nails trimmed and filed.
  • The treatment is normally completed with the application of a foot moisturiser or a cooling foot spray if required.
  • Our HCPC Registered Podiatrists will provide you with a treatment plan and advice on how to keep your feet healthy and in optimal condition.
  • All patients are assessed on an individual basis and so the treatment can vary slightly, this ensures each and every patient gets the right treatment and advice based on their own concerns.

If you choose Pendle Chiropody Clinic for your podiatry needs you can be reassured that all our podiatrists are registered with the Health & Care Professions Council and are Members of The Society of Podiatrists and Chiropodists, our podiatrists have over 15 years of experience in treating a full range of foot, ankle, and lower limb disorders.

How long does a routine podiatry treatment take?

Many podiatry clinics offer 20-minute podiatry appointments, our appointments are up to 30 minutes, therefore you have extra treatment time with our podiatrists which should allow all your podiatry needs to be addressed.

Routine Podiatry Services
Routine Podiatry Services

To make an appointment

For further information on the services, we offer or to book your appointment today please call the practice, alternatively you can email the clinic any time of the day or request a call back at a time that is convenient to you.

Please be aware that we ask our patients to give a minimum of 24 hours’ notice if you would like to cancel or change an appointment, otherwise, a cancelation charge will be levied.

Other Podiatry Services & Treatments

Our team at Pendle Chiropody Clinic, have worked extensively within the NHS, and have the expertise and experience which enables us to treat every foot-related condition and all aspects of foot health.


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