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Verruca Treatment

At pendle chiropody clinic we provide few verruca treatment for all ages adults and children.

What is a Verruca?

Verruca is a skin infection caused by HPV (Human papilloma virus). This affects the outer layer if skin, the appearance of veruca is plaque of hard skin which has irregular borders and can have small black dots that are small blood capillaries. These can be painful and can appear any part of the body.

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Important : it’s vital to remember that the virus is contageous and can spread to the others

What Treatments do we offer?

It uses a Nitrizinc complex which is applied to the verruca/wart. Verrutop works by drying up and desiccation of the lesions, which aids cell death. This aids reduction and usually subsequent removal of the verruca.

We provide verrutop treatment and silver nitrate. Verrutop uses a Nitrizinc complex which us applied to the verruca/wart. The verrutop then works by drying and desiccation of the lesions which results in aiding cell death. This then promotes reduction and gradually removal of the Verruca.


Who can benefit from Verrutop?

Verrutop can be used on adults and kids

What does Verrutop treatment involve:

The podiatrist will take a thorough assessment of the lesions. Taking into consideration of social, work and physical activities. And if verrutop is chosen and primary treatment then the podiatrist will remove the overlying callus lesion and apply thr verrutop drops. This is usually painless and sometimes may bleed which is normal.
This process is carried out every 2 weeks.

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How many treatments:

Treatments can vary with individual however normally the manufacturers state around 3 to 6 sessions.

How Effective is it

From the information and clinical trials done by verrutop manufacturers the efficacy of Verrutop treatment to be around 85% -90% .

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What are the benefits of Verrutop?

• Quick and usually painless treatment

• No need to keep foot dry after treatment

• Can return to normal activities shortly after treatment

• Eliminates risk of spreading verruca to others

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Other Veruca treatment:

We also issue silver nitrate treatment this is an old but successful treatment . The silver nitrate stick is applied to the direct verruca lesion after debridement of callus. It can cause some slight discomfort from the tingling sensation. It has shown to eradicate verruca and is still an ongoing successful treatment for verrucas. Upto 6 applications can applied .

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